The Global Socio-Economic Solidarity Project
New economy - new world
By combining proven technologies and innovative economic solutions, we are ready to create the perfect currency with a fixed cost and real value that will be understandable to everyone
Problem → Solution
What is wrong?
  • The economic system is on its way to collapsing
  • Cash is not backed by anything
  • There is no single equivalent of the value of currencies
  • Issues with liquidity and emission of funds
What can we do?
  • Create a universal currency
  • Form a justified equivalent of its value
  • Provide liquidity and security for the new currency
  • Solve economic problems with the help of the new currency
The solution
The civilization Viability Index is a single liquidity indicator and the value equivalent of an ideal means of payment
How is works
The civilization Viability Index is calculated on the basis of three factors that are the base
of human existence
The role and benefits of the UAE
UAE will lead the new unified financial space
Control of three financial instruments for stock exchange and receipt of commission income
New levers of state influence on the world economy

Coordination of the Intellectual Property Platform
Implementation of a quality social and monetary reform led by the UAE

Returnable investment thanks to key participation in the formation of the reserve fund
Innovative opportunities for the implementation of the UAE Industrial Development Strategy
What will be done?
Civilization Viability Index
A single equivalent of cash value
Ideal cash
The first justified and secure digital currency with a clear underlying asset
The Market
The circulation space of the currency that is distributed between countries proportionally to the amount of ownership of the underlying asset
An e-commerce portal
We launched an open international e-commerce portal with obvious advantages over global counterparts
A cryptocurrency exchange
With a dominant new digital currency and efficient instruments
Investment risks will be minimized due to the introduction of our technology into the international crowdfunding mechanism
An eco platform
A large-scale step towards solving many environmental problems is the creation of a Tender Platform for the disposal and recycling of waste around the world
Intellectual property
Creation of the Platform for intellectual property trading. With its help, the UAE will consolidate its position as the world leader in the market of scientific and technological achievements
The financial potential
The initiators of the project will have a powerful tool for transforming environmental and social issues into profitable investment projects
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